Kolor Mix Sp. z o.o.

Business unit: production of paints
Location: Krotoszyn
Below we present basic information about Kolor Mix sp. z o.o.:

Kolor Mix Sp. z o.o. located in Rozdrażew – Krotoszyn, in the Wielkopolska Region. The company has two locations:

  • The production plant, along with warehouses,
  • Main storehouse.

The company was launched in 197 under a name NOWIX – where body and paint shops repair and car mechanic services were the core business activity. In order to increase service levels and improve work over the years introduced changes and reorganized the company. As a result of these changes two separate companies were created: NOWIX and Kolor Mix sp. z o.o. At the beginning Kolor Mix sp. z o.o. started producing color templates.

Currently, the company’s operations are focused primarily on improving the basic profiles:

  • Production of color templates,
  • Employee training and technical advice,
  • The productions of paints, varnishes and other products paint.

Currently the main purpose of Kolor Mix sp. z o.o. is to create products of the highest quality, in line with European standards and VOC regulations. Therefore, even in 2008, in order to increase operational effectiveness, increase of product quality and to ensure the implementation of the production conditions in accordance with the requirements of environmental law, the Board of Directors decided to implement a quality management system and environmental management system. Work began in January 2009 and were carried out with the help of a consulting company SOLID CONSULTING.

Looking for more information on Kolor Mix sp. z o.o.?

Check out our client website: http://www.kolormix.pl

Below obtained references:

Implementation of Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008

Implementation of Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2004

Another project taking into account the implementation of the requirements of the two standards in an integrated way.

Another project in which we were responsible for comprehensive action aimed at obtaining an accredited certificate.

And another project with a satisfied Client – Kolor Mix Sp. o.o., which gave us written references.

Information about our services related to the implementation, audits and training in the field of Quality Management System and Environmental Management System, as well as other systems can be found here: https://solidconsulting.com.pl/en/our-services/

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