About Us

Consulting in the field of management systems is our core business activity. We offer support to our Clients in all aspects of management systems - starting off with management systems implementation, through training, auditing and system improvement consultancy.
About us – consulting in the field of management systems is our core business activity.

If you would like to know more about us – we would say that we have many years of experience in conducting consultancy and training projects for numerous companies and institutions.

We support our Clients in all aspects of their activities and offer a guarantee that resources used by the company are fully used.

We continuously improve our skills by participating in trainings in our country, as well as abroad.

We can observe management systems from each perspective – as implementation specialists, auditors, trainers and management representatives in our Clients’ companies.

We are flexible and we are not afraid of new challenges.

We conduct projects all over our country, as well as abroad.

We have a multidimensional view of business activities also for this reason that we run a number of other business activities. We are, among other things:

  • running Accounting Office which supports our clients in full service: accounting and payroll,
  • conducting educational activities for schools and labor market institutions – organized within this area of ​​our business over 100 thousand hours of education,
  • still we are looking for new challenges

Range of our services

Systems Implementation

We support companies in their development by implementation of management systems

Systems Audits

We conduct internal, second party, supplier and other audits

For Employees

Use effective forms of education, which will enable you to gain new skills

Data Protection

We offer consultancy services in the field of compliance with Personal Data Protection Act

a broad approach to the challenges and exceptional commitment

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