Personal Data Protection

Protection of Personal Data is a legal requirement on all businesses, resulting from the Act on the Protection of Personal Data.
Personal Data Protection
Personal Data Protection should be of interest for any company.

According to the Law on Personal Data Protection, all companies employing at least one employee or processing other personal data must have a proper documentation of data processing that meets the requirements of the Regulations of the Act on Protection of Personal Data.

Authorities may impose on companies that do not comply with legal requirements a fine in order to compel. Lack of documentation or other misconduct can be combined with penalties to 10,000 PLN for individuals and up to 50,000 PLN for legal persons.


In terms of Personal Data Protection we would like to offer you the following services:

Protection of Personal Data in a company requires the development of appropriate documentation.Personal Data Protection

We offer our help and advice on the implementation of personal data protection system, including the development of a dedicated documentation in the field of Personal Data Protection (documentation in Polish):

  • Personal Data Security Policy, together with standard forms of documents and forms:
    • Register of personal data
    • The list of data sets
    • Description of the structure of the collection of personal data and flows between systems
    • Registry incidents
    • Audit plan
    • Audit reports
    • Authorisation to process personal data
    • Other required by law and are necessary in a company
  • Management system manual used for the processing of personal data;

We will develop training materials for employees – in the form of self-study training materials (in Polish in PPT and PDF);

If Protecting Personal Data in the company should be carried out in an effective manner, it is reasonable to appoint a person responsible for supervising this aspect of the business.

As part of the extended package, we offer a consultant SOLID CONSULTING to perform a function Information Security Administrator (ABI).

The cooperation will be carried out in a professional manner the following actions:
  • periodic update of documentation
  • ongoing advice on the Protection of Personal Data law, including information about changes in regulations;
  • authorization for the processing of personal data;
  • study of incidents relating to the processing of personal data;
  • reviewing contracts in the field of entrusting the processing of personal data;
  • make periodic – annual verification of compliance of personal data processing with the provisions on the protection of personal data and preparation of report in this regard
  • implementation of the remaining obligations under the Act on the Protection of Personal Data, assigned to the function ABI (on site visit in the company on a quarterly basis plus remote support for all measures required to meet the provisions of the regulations and documentation).

These tasks will be implemented in the form of remote and through direct visits to your premises.

With the participation of our consultant, Protection of Personal Data will be implemented in a manner consistent with the requirements of legislation.

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