Exemption from excise tax with ISO 14001

Exemption from excise tax with ISO 14001 – is it possible?

The main goal of implementing the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System should, in principle, be the desire to Exemption from excise tax with ISO 14001systematically manage the relationship between the company and the environment. However, implementing this system can give a company a number of economic benefits. These may be long-term benefits. They can be linked to the implementation of a system of environmental objectives and targets that can be turned into cost reductions in these areas. However, there is also a measurable economic aspect that can be achieved immediately after the implementation and certification of the system.

According to the excise duty, business entities that have implemented and certified a Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2004 may benefit from the exemption from excise duty on the purchase of coal and gas for heating purposes.

The above exemption from excise duty is available for:

  • businesses using coal for heating purposes;
  • energy-intensive enterprises using gas for heating purposes,

in which a system leading to achieving environmental objectives or enhancing energy efficiency (such as ISO 14001, EMAS or ISO 50001 – Article 31c of the Act) is implemented and certified.

As a result of the amendment of the Excise Act on made on 21 October 2016, the exemption for coal products from 1 July 2017 will be available to the entity in which one of the above systems has been implemented, which simultaneously fulfils the definition of energy consuming facility.

Detailed information on the possibility of exemption from excise duty is contained in the Excise Duty Act.

The prerequisite for exercising the exemption from excise duty is the certification of the ISO 14001 system by an accredited certification body.

Companies can count on very measurable economic benefits resulting from the implementation and certification of the Environmental Management System to ISO 14001:2004.

Depending on the size of the company and the scale of coal or gas consumption for fuel purposes – it can save up to several tens of thousands of zlotys per month.

This means that the costs of system implementation and certification can be reimbursed even within one month.

It should be noted that similar results can be obtained through the implementation and certification of the ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management System.

If you are interested in express implementation of the Environmental Management System, which entitles you to receive an exemption from excise duty – please contact us. Thanks to many years of experience, flexibility and commitment, the full process will be effective even within a few weeks from receiving the order. 

Exemption from the excise tax through ISO 14001 in cooperation with us will give you immediate and measurable benefits.

Information about our implementation services for management systems can be found here: https://solidconsulting.com.pl/en/uslugi/implementation-of-management-systems/

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