STREIF Baulogistik Polska Sp. o.o.

Business unit: tower crane rental
Location: Warsaw
Below we present basic information about STREIF Baulogistik Polska Sp. with o.o.:

STREIF Baulogistik Polska Sp. o.o. was established November 7, 2000 in Warsaw.

Its sole shareholder is a German company STREIF Baulogistik GmbH, based in Essen owned by Hochtief Construction AG. The main business activity is the rental tower cranes Liebherr and Potain type.

Since starting operations in April 2001. Company has been developing rapidly reaching at present the leading position on the Polish market. STREIF Baulogistik Polska Sp. o.o. has in addition to the headquarters and a branch in Warsaw also branches in the most strategic points in Poland, ie. in Poznan and Krakow and Sosnowiec, so it is able to serve clients throughout the country.

The biggest advantage of STREIF Baulogistik Polska Sp. o.o. is a qualified team, with the appropriate “know-how” in the field of technical advice in the selection of machines and equipment and servicing.

Currently, the company operates under the name Trinac Polska Sp. o.o.

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Below obtained references:

  Quality Management System Audits – ISO 9001:2008

As part of long-term cooperation with the Streif Baulogistik Polska Sp. o.o. (now Trinac Polska Sp. o.o.), we are responsible not only for the implementation of internal audits. Our mission is also a range of other activities for the improvement of Quality Management System, such as training for employees, advice on improving documentation and processes and participation in management reviews.

In addition, we received a request from the customer, to support the company in the implementation of changes in the system due to the need to adapt to the requirements of the new edition of ISO 9001.

We offer comprehensive support in the implementation and improvement of management systems – for more information visit:

Because of our knowledge and experience we were asked by STREIF Baulogistik Polska to elaborate and implement documentation related to Personal Data Protection according to Polish Law in that respect.

We created ‘tailor made’ documentation and trained staff about the rules and regulations.

After that our consultant has been appointed a role of Personal Data Security Administrator.

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