Business unit: Brokerage services
Location: Gorzów Wlkp.
Below we present basic information about the KLIM BROKERS Sp. z o.o.:

KLIM BROKERS Sp. z o.o. started the business in the insurance market as early as 1991.

KLIM BROKERS Sp. o.o. provides brokerage services in the field of property insurance, personal life, for specialists, liability, financial guarantees, health, communication and transport. They work with many insurance companies. At the moment KLIM BROKERS Sp. z o.o. supports insurance coverage of more than 200 businesses of various industries. people. The company has vast experience in handling individual clients, local government units as well as large corporations. It provides customers with assistance in the process of liquidation of damages and guarantees legal assistance.  In his daily work KLIM BROKERS Sp. o.o. they appreciate above all loyalty and individual approach to customers – who are the company’s driving force for action and a daily challenge.

Aspect of the data protection was always very important for KLIM Brokers Sp. z o.o., and in that respect ISO 27001 was implemented.

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Check out our client website: http://klimbrokers.pl

Below obtained references:

Implementation of Information Security Management System according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013

With great pleasure we undertook a project of implementation of information security management system according to ISO / IEC 27001:2013 in our home town.

The project ran completely smoothly, also thanks to the great commitment of the company KLIM Brokers Sp. z o.o. The work was completed in the stipulated time limit, allowing the customer to submit to certification.

The final confirmation of the reliability of our work was the positive result of the certification audit. We also received a written testimonial from the client.

Information about our services related to the implementation, audits and training in the field of Management Systems can be found here: https://solidconsulting.com.pl/en/our-services/

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