Pudliszki Sp. z o.o.

Business unit: Production of fruit and vegetable products
Location: Krobia
Below we present basic information about the company Pudliszki Sp. z o.o.:

Mark and processing plant fruit and vegetable in Pudliszki is today a part of the American group Heinz, who has a majority share. Profile of its production is mainly tomato products (ketchup and concentrate) and vegetables (peas, beans and corn).

This is one of the most favorite food brands of Polish consumers. It is also a company, which is passionate about growing vegetables and a leader in the production of concentrates, ketchup or sauces, which taste is unique because of natural ingredients and proven recipes.

For more than 90 years the brand has consistently cared about the quality and freshness of products offered to consumers. Thanks to a long tradition, but also an innovative approach, concentrates, ketchup, sauces, vegetables and ready meals from Pudliszki retain the best taste, to meet the expectations of even the most demanding lovers of home-cooked meals.

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Check out our client website: http://www.pudliszki.pl

Below obtained references:

With Pudliszki Sp. o.o., which is part of a global company Heinz, we work from 2011 to support the them in the area of ​​improving the implemented management systems – through professional training.

These trainings are carried out regularly, both in the form of ‘out of house’, as well as stationary.

The company appreciated our professionalism, what resulted in the obtained written references.

We invite you to use the services of organizing training by SOLID CONSULTING – for more information visit: https://solidconsulting.com.pl/en/uslugi/training/

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